PT. Sarana Ahli Sejati

PT. Sarana Ahli Sejati (SAS) was founded in 2001 and dedicated as engineering consulting firms and services based on research and development. Various industries such as power generation, oil and gas, mining, textiles, cement, tires, automotive, etc. have become regular client of PT. SAS. Many problems in industries such as machinery rotation, piping, vessel, structure, fluid flow, etc. can be completed by either the solution of practical, comprehensive and effective. Along with the development of technology, research and development have always done aggressively to support the technical capabilities of human resources coupled with a well-established science. In addition, PT. SAS is fully supported by qualified experts and experienced in their fields to maintain the quality of each project as intended for client satisfaction. These engineering consultation and  services are carried out in a professional, high quality, timely, and cost-competitive.

Based on experience as an engineering and services company, PT. SAS also organizes training in the field of engineering practices and standards. Therefore, it is expected of PT. SAS able to be a means of sharing sessions of engineering practices at various industry. Implementation of this training is done professionally and presented by experts who are very experienced. The material is prepared in such a way so as to provide appropriate representation with knowledge required by the industry. Method of learning by doing applied so easy to understand and not easily forgotten.